Wedding Secret #2

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An Important Warning: Miss This Secret, And A Disaster Could Happen At Your Wedding!

This seems so obvious, and yet brides miss this one all the time, and pay a BIG PRICE for it after their wedding! Be sure the photographer has lots of happy brides and grooms, who have written him and told him how happy there were with both him, and his work!

We’re talking TESTIMONIALS here! From real people, with their names, and handwritten letters, so you can make sure that they really said what the photographer says they said. (That’s a hard sentence to read, but you get the point! Sorry!)

Brenowitz married couple“We really appreciated all of your hard work & professionalism at our wedding! The images were fantastic & we have been incredibly happy with the entire process. I would recommend you to anyone!” Jeni and Andy


I’m sorry to be so skeptical, but we live in a time in history when you have to be really careful to be certain that people are telling you the truth.
You will notice that throughout these pages are photographs and testimonials from some of the brides and grooms whom I have been honored to work with on their wedding day. I’ve got a huge pile of, hand written, testimonials as well as my certifications through the years. Simply ask me to bring them to our meeting.

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